Kuwait 14-15 March 2023
First Conference on Positive Psychology and Language Education

Jean-Pierre Thibaut is currently full professor in developmental psychology at the University of Burgundy, France. Before he was at the University of Poitiers. He got his PhD from Uuniverity of Liège, (Belgium). He studies cognitive development and specializes in children’s construction of conceptual knowledge. His work focuses on generalization of new knowledge, analogical reasoning, and word learning, with a view including executive functions, and the role of comparison in how children learn and generalize novel words. Methods include questionnaires, response, response times, eye tracking measures and models of analogical reasoning and generalization. Within the field of concept learning and development, he focuses on stimulus comparison, on children's naive theories development in the food domain in biology and health and in the physical world, with a focus on atypical development (mental deficiency and developmental language disorders. His work is also devoted to the development of arithmetic problem-solving procedures and on how they are influenced by non-mathematical semantic world knowledge.